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State of Texas: Go Big!
AMC / DALLAS, TEXAS / APRIL 26–28, 2017

2:00–3:00 P.M.

Doing the Little Things and Executing Vision – A deeper dive 

This session will be a deeper dive into the material at the opening general session. This facilitated, interactive session will allow attendees to ask questions. 

One of five head coaches in NFL history to take two different teams to the playoffs in their debut seasons with him, Edwards exemplifies the hard work and commitment it takes to create a winning environment. In his most recent coaching job, with the Kansas City Chiefs, he led the team to a 9-7 record and tied for the most victories for a first-year coach with the franchise. He also led the New York Jets to five post-season contests. In this compelling presentation, he’ll share even more strategies that have led him to greatness and how you can apply his winning ideas, personally and professionally. 

Heavily involved in philanthropic endeavors, he has been named Big Brother of the Year by the Catholic Big Brothers for Boys and Girls in New York, and named to the Positive Coaching Alliances National Advisory Committee.

Producer Panel:  Spotlight on Texas 

When Texas farming operations make purchasing decisions, what shapes their decision-making process? Are they relying on coffee shop talk or an online forum? Learn more about how to effectively communicate with producers in this session featuring a producer panel moderated by Cliff Becker, vice president, Farm Journal Media.   

Cliff Becker is Vice President, Publishing Director for Farm Journal Media. Spanning a 35-year career in agricultural media, he has served on many boards for diverse food and agricultural organizations, including past Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Animal Agricultural Alliance, Washington, DC, and currently sits as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City. He was also awarded the National Agri-Marketing Association Award of Excellence in Sales. 

Digital Track: 3 sessions in 1
This unique session will be three short presentations, approximately 18 minutes in length, allowing for a more Ted Talks-style presentation format. Can’t make it? They’ll repeat again at 4:00 p.m.

Digital Ecosystem

Successful marketing is a complex equation that is part data, part strategy and part magic. It all has to work together or it just doesn’t work. Understanding the interconnectedness of your entire marketing ecosystem—and the role of its digital components in particular—lies at the heart of creating an effective digital marketing equation that can adjust and flex to meet your specific business goals. Learn how easy it can be to start with the end in mind to craft results-generating marketing strategies in the increasingly data-driven digital world.

Amy Wick is Principal and Chief Strategist at Wick Marketing, an Austin, Texas-based marketing agency. With an eye on the forest as well as the trees, she leads teams to create highly targeted, results-oriented marketing strategies that perform across multiple platforms. Her efforts have been instrumental in brand recognition, lead generation and business growth for major players and long-term clients in the homebuilding, insurance and retail fields. A degree in English Lit gives her a particular appreciation for the power of great stories to move people emotionally and behaviorally. 

Scaling Irritation: Why So Many People Get Marketing Automation Wrong

Sales and marketing automation offered us the promise of replicating the one-to-one human interactions of your friendliest local business with the convenience and scale of the Internet. What it turned into was a channel in which businesses abused people's attention and brought customer irritation to a whole new level. In this talk, you'll learn how to use sales and marketing automation technologies to create value-added experiences that turn more leads into customers, and more customers into lasting business relationships.

Sam Mallikarjunan is a Principal Marketing Strategist at HubSpot and former Head of Growth at HubSpot Labs, the somewhat-secret experimental arm of the world's #1 Sales & Marketing platform. Sam teaches Advanced Digital Marketing at the Harvard Division of Continuing Education, and is the co-author of the book "How To Sell Better Than Amazon" (which, thanks to the publisher, is ironically available for purchase on Amazon).

The Root of User Experience Design

The field of User Experience can be found in nearly every industry today. In this short session we will take a look at some core ways to understand and formulate a very basic research plan for understanding how to construct products and experiences.

    - An overview of UX research 

    - How to know when to find a user experience expert

    - What can I expect when I begin working with this person

Preston McCauley's 18+-year career in the UX industry has given him the opportunity to not only create and manage literally hundreds of applications and projects, but also to develop the rare industry knowledge and skill to bring a product through the entire life cycle. At the root of his many successes is the ability to identify problems and opportunities and focus on building a robust product implementation. He challenges his teams to approach problems from different angles and push for innovative solutions. He is always looking for ways in which to leverage new technology. This means identifying trends, methods and tools that can be used for product development and marketing. He is a strong believer in Practical UX, a term he coined to help teams and business owners iterate and improve the product before the coding phase. Preston has both small project and industry level, large-scale application experience.


4:00–5:00 P.M.

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy. How to Manage the Millennials.

In this presentation, Bruce presents his latest research and insights on the newest “new” young workforce, along with his decades of experience helping managers in hundreds of different companies bring out the best in young talent.

Bruce separates the facts from the myths about today’s young workers. With verbatim (and often hilarious) quotes from young workers and their managers, Bruce offers actionable advice for leaders, managers and supervisors to better recruit, train, engage, develop, motivate and retain the best of the next generation of talent. 

Creating an Immersive Live Brand Experience: A Case Study  

Take a look inside the creation of the recent, innovative Tech Experience at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 – the largest trade show in the US – and discover how delivering memorable live experiences can help immerse audiences in your brand to increase effectiveness and deliver the results you need!

Shelley Elkins is SVP/Group Creative Director and Craig Chaplin is VP/Senior Creative Director for Jack Morton Chicago, an award-winning global brand experience agency. 

9:00–10:00 A.M.

On Fire: The 7 Choices to Ignite Your Radically Inspired Life

We live in a world where “accidental living” – mindlessly moving through routines, wasting countless hours on social media, or complaining about what’s wrong in our jobs, families and society – has become the norm. But John O’Leary reminds us that just because we got out of bed this morning, does not mean that we are truly living.

What would our day, impact and output look like if we lived a radically inspired life, every single day?

Living radically inspired means you learn from past mistakes, rise above challenges and thrive no matter the circumstances. 

John will share the critical truth that “inflection points” – moments in time that change everything that follows – occur daily. John will help you realize it’s your choice how inflection points affect you. Your life has much less to do with what happens to you, and much more to do with how you react to it. Are you ready to live on fire? 

Consumer Attitudes About Agriculture: Making Ag More Approachable  

Consumer attitudes about agriculture are more on the forefront than ever before. But what do consumers think? What are their perceptions? Paul Spooner with USFRA will present detailed findings on their Consumer Perception Survey as well as research about food issues such as GMO’s, animal-related issues and more. Learn what USFRA is currently doing to address consumer perception and what they have planned for the future. Find out how we as marketers can better communicate our message to the consumer and make ag more approachable.

Paul Spooner serves as Senior Manager, Affiliate Relations and Ag Communications of the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance® (USFRA®), a consumer focused ag movement consisting of more than 100 farmer and rancher led organizations and industry partners engaged in dialogue about how food is grown and raised. He leads affiliate and industry partner communication, manages the Faces of Farming & Ranching program, and spearheads media relations showcasing USFRA’s efforts to both consumer and agricultural audiences. Paul currently serves as the President-Elect of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) St. Louis Chapter.  

The Future of Big Data in Ag Marketing  

Data isn’t just for production professionals in agriculture. Data drives decisions, and as an industry we are reaching a tipping point where we could soon know the field better than we know the farmer, and the animal and its behaviors and preferences better than we know the producer. Today’s marketers and sales teams need data in order to earn relationships with customers, but not the data we’ve used in the past. Join Scott Downey, Associate Director with Purdue’s Center for Food and Agribusiness, and Stephanie Liska, CEO of Beck Ag, as they lead an interactive hour that will help you think differently about the impact data has on designing, delivering and measuring a go-to-market strategy.  

Scott Downey, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics, and Associate Director of the Center for Food and Agricultural Business at Purdue University. A frequent speaker and consultant for agribusiness, for the last decade Scott has specifically worked on understanding customer behaviors and looking at agriculture professionals sales relationships as they align with customer preferences.  

Stephanie Liska is a 25-year veteran of the agriculture industry. NAMA’s 2010 Marketer of the Year, Stephanie has a passion for helping sales and marketing professionals be successful. Along with her partners, she has built upon Beck Ag’s mission to help organizations throughout the agriculture industry think about, create and execute stronger go-to-market strategies.