The National Agri-Marketing Association

The nation's largest association for professionals in marketing and agribusiness

State of Texas: Go Big!
AMC / DALLAS, TEXAS / APRIL 26–28, 2017


Agri-Marketing Conference Committee

Jennifer Anderson, John Deere

Vice Chair 
Jenna Oesch, Monsanto Vegetable Seeds

Committee Members
Andrea Bloom, Vita Plus
Katana Ewbank, Woodruff Sweitzer
Brittany Hanson, Monsanto
Keith Harrison, Tennessee Farmers Co-Op 
Melissa Jensen, HLK
John Rozum, Association of Equipment Manufacturers
Rich Tiller, Agricultural Speakers Network

Executive Committee Liaisons
Gary Sakin, Monsanto
Sara Steever, Paulsen

Best of NAMA Committee

Christine Hart-Nieland, Brighton Agency

Vice Chair
Tim Holmes, Martin Williams

Executive Committee Liaison
Gary Sakin, Monsanto

Careers Committee

Erin Nash, Woodruff Sweitzer

Vice Chair
Amy Barron, Farm Journal Media

Tom Wahl, North Dakota State University

Committee Members
Cheryl Cook, Monsanto
Heather Gieseke, Meredith Agrimedia
Kristen Marshall, AgCall Inc.
Jeff Moore, Penton Agriculture
Pat Rosner, Paradowski Creative
Anita Vanderwert, Brownfield Ag News
Lori Wohletz, Colle+McVoy

Executive Committee Liaison
Deron Johnson, FLM+