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Investing in the Century Club provides you the opportunity to step forward and help advance the future of agribusiness. Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders and the Century Club support is totally dedicated for investing in scholarships for tomorrow's leaders.

The Century Club's goal is to have 100 of today's agribusiness leaders contribute $100 each year for today's youth. Be a part of this select group of individuals committed to enhancing the opportunity for tomorrow's leaders.

Count on me, here's my $100 investment!

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2016 Century Club

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PH: (913) 491-6500
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The ABEF is a 501(c)(3) educational foundation.
Your donation may be deductible as a charitable contribution for tax purposes. Please consult your tax advisor.

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Jayma Applyby

Patrick Arthur

Allen Barkve

Allison Bass

Kyle Bauer

Vernon Benes

Mark Bjorgo

Curt Blades

Amy Bradford

Amy Bugg

Bruce Button

Ron Claussen

Leigh Ann Cleaver

Matt Coniglio

Lee Dueringer

Jerry Ecklund

Jim Emanuel

John Finegan

Jan Ford

Dwight Fritts

Heather Gieseke

Bill Gorman

Gregory Guse

Michael Gustafson

Brittany Hanson

Randy Happel

Amber Harrison

Rick Haun

Vicki Henrickson

Susan Hunyor

Paul Hurst

Deron Johnson

Phil Johnson

Cheri Johnson

David Jones

Cheri Knoy

Marvin Kokes

Daniel Lamoureux

Sue Lee

Glenn Luedke

Kristen Marshall

Diane Martin

Holly Martin

Stephen May

Scott McClure

Amy McEvoy

Steve Mellencamp

Matt Meyer

Jeanne Miller Mansk

Deanna Montgomery

Scott Mortimer

Erin Nash

Melinda Oberly

Lyle Orwig

Russ Parker

Rick Patton

Wendy Pinkerton

Zach Quick

Kenna Rathai

Paul Redhage

Terry Reilly

Melanie Rice

Stephanie Ricke

Duane Robison

John Rozum

Gary Sakin

John Seatvet

Sheri Seger

Chris Sidles

Angie Skochdopole

Sara Steever

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