The National Agri-Marketing Association

The nation's largest association for professionals in marketing and agribusiness

2016-2017 Cornhusker Leaders

Omaha, NE

If you need to submit your chapter leaders, please e-mail them to Janae Prewitt at as soon as possible.

Chris Sidles, Farm Market iD 

Past President
Kim Lang, Kim Lang Consulting
(402) 672-7738

2nd Vice-President
Doug Carr, Snitily Carr
(402) 489-2121

Doug Carr, Snitily Carr
(402) 489-2121

Beth Landau, Reinke Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Careers Co-Chairs
Rosalee Swartz, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
(402) 472-5234

Kara Heideman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
(402) 472-2757

Communications Co-Chairs 

Sarah Mullen, Nebraska FFA Foundation
(402) 472-5224

Randy Happel, Bader Rutter
(402) 434-8003

Membership Chair 
Janet Schroeder, Beck Ag
Publicity Chair 
Christine Sidles 

Social Event Chair
Brenda Lerouge, WELCOA

Social Media Chair
Kim Lang, Kim Lang Consulting
(402) 672-7738


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