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Q. Is my entry due October 4 or does it need to be postmarked by October 4?

A. Entries are DUE October 4.  Postmarks are not a factor.

Q. If I enter an element of a campaign in a category, can I also enter it as part of the campaign?

A. Yes. For example, a print ad can be entered as an ad and as part of a campaign.

Q.  How does my local chapter benefit?

A.  Be sure to fill in your chapter name on the entry form. Chapters will receive a $20 rebate for each entry submitted at the regional level. 

Q. If my entry advances to national, do I need to submit another copy of the entry?

A. No. You will have to submit an additional entry fee, but not another copy of the entry.

Q. Am I required to use the NAMA entry form?

A. No. You may create your own entry form on a computer; just make sure it has all the necessary elements.

Q. Will I be notified if my entry has been received?

A. No. It is up to you to send your entry and payment by a form of trackable delivery if you want confirmation of receipt.

Q.  Who judges the entries?

A. At the regional level, judges must have 5 years of industry experience. At the national level, judges must have 10 years of industry experience.

Q. Will the Producers' Choice Awards be awarded at the regional level as well as the national level?

A. No. This award will be presented only at the national ceremony.

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