The National Agri-Marketing Association

The nation's largest association for professionals in marketing and agribusiness

2019-2020 Iowa Leaders

Des Moines

If you need to submit your chapter leaders, please e-mail them to Janae Prewitt at as soon as possible.

Ellie Wyatt, Lessing-Flynn 

Stacey Noe, Kemin

Aaron Bartholomay, John Deere Financial

Best of NAMA Chair
Amber Harrison, United Suppliers, Inc.

Student NAMA Chair
Rachel Lium, broadhead.

Communications Co-Chairs
Haley Berry, The Meyocks Group

Josh Lovelace

Membership Co-Chairs
Afton Holt, CornerPost Marketing Communications

Renee Hansen, Winfield Solutions

Professional Development/Programs Co-Chairs

Lynn Henderson, Agri Marketing Magazine

Carly Cummings, FarmHer

Laura Holoubek, Calcium Products

Theresa Linkletter, Growers Edge Financial

Scholarships Co-Chairs
Ellie Wyatt, Lessing-Flynn

Stacey Noe, Kemin

Social Chair

Austin Pueschel, Lessing-Flynn

Special Programs Co-Chairs 
Tyler Campbell, LS2group

Rachel Lium, broadhead.

Ellie Wyatt, Lessing-Flynn

Sponsorships Chair 
Byron Martin

Web Site Chair
Austin Pueschel, Lessing-Flynn


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