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Leading The Way

The Role of the Chapter President

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Job Description

This is the top leader position at the local chapter level. A chapter president should be prepared to lead, motivate, organize and build NAMA enthusiasm. This individual should focus on NAMA’s Statement of Purpose & Values and its Strategic Plan, while delegating and implementing chapter plans and activities. The president will schedule and conduct board meetings at regular intervals and will be the spokesperson for NAMA in their local area. The chapter president is responsible for conducting regularly scheduled program meetings of the membership and serves as the program host for members and guests.


  • Determine other officers and committee chairs for the new NAMA year which runs from April to March. This is to be completed no later than 6 weeks preceding the annual Agri-Marketing Conference. After all positions are filled, the president should create a roster or listing of chapter officers and committee chairs. This list should be completed by April 1 and sent to the NAMA office, as well as to local board members.
  • Hold a planning meeting in the summer to establish goals for the year and to reiterate responsibilities to each individual. The second planning meeting to be scheduled (as required) in July or August will be to finalize plans, themes and time lines.
  • Communicate the local chapter’s plan and goals to the membership. This can be accomplished via newsletter or website, as well as opening comments during the first regular program of the year (typically September).
  • Set a schedule for and hold regular board meetings to plan and evaluate chapter events and activities. Send reminders via mail or email each month to every board member. If an officer cannot attend, request a brief written report to be sent to you prior to the meeting so that you can share status/progress with the rest of the board. Always have an agenda ready to distribute at the beginning of each meeting. Within a few days of the meeting, review minutes with the local chapter secretary to make sure all points of discussion and next steps are clear.
  • Work on a monthly basis with the treasurer on budgets, cash flow, expenses, etc.
  • Stay on top of all scheduled functions, activities and programs. Prior to an event, check with all responsible committee chairs and officers to review all details, issues, budgets, etc. Make sure that deadlines are being met with promotional mailings/emails, membership recruitment efforts, etc. Refer to the calendar and on the NAMA website for deadlines and schedules.
  • Work closely with the professional development chair to ensure that speakers and meeting space are secured and an agenda is created for all events. Please keep in mind that chapters with 74 or fewer members must have at least one meeting per year to stay an active chapter. Chapters with 75 or more members must have at least three meetings per year.
  • Promptly replace officers when needed. If someone is unable to perform duties due to workload or other commitments, offer assistance early and replace when duties cease to be performed. Inform the NAMA office as soon as possible when replacements are made.
  • You will be asked to submit a report to the NAMA office several times during the year. The report should review the chapter’s recent and upcoming activities and any need for help from the Executive Committee and/or NAMA Office should be identified.
  • As chapter president, you automatically serve on the National Board of Directors. Review the “National Board of Directors” position description. Communicate the activities of the National Board of Directors to your chapter officers and board.

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