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Below is a short list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to call the national office at 913-491-6500.

Q. How are memberships transferred?
A. Memberships belong to the entity that paid for them. If an individual’s dues are paid by a company and he/she leaves that company, then the NAMA office will ask the company for a replacement name for that membership. If the individual member pays the dues, then the membership will transfer with the individual to the new company.

Q. When does my NAMA membership year start?
A. The membership year starts when a member joins.

Q. What is NAMA's relationship with Agri Marketing magazine?
A. NAMA has a sister relationship with Agri Marketing, but does not publish the magazine. The magazine is published by Henderson Communications. To place an ad in Agri Marketing or ask a question, contact (515) 954-8381.

Q. What if I’m not getting AgriMarketing magazine or there is an error in the way it is addressed?
A. Contact AgriMarketing Magazine directly at (515) 954-8381.

Q. When does the Marketing Services Guide come out?
A. The Marketing Services Guide, which is published by Henderson Communications, comes out in January.

Q. How do I access membership reports for my chapter?
A. Log into the Members Only section of  by clicking on "Member Dashboard" then choose Chapter Membership Reports.

Q. How much money will my chapter be getting back as a Best of NAMA entry rebate?
A. The national office will notify you in October as to how many entries your chapter had. If you have any questions, contact Jenny Pickett at

Q. When is the Best of NAMA entry deadline?
A. The Best of NAMA entry deadline is October 6, 2017. Entries are due to the national office by that time.

Q. How do I notify my chapter about a meeting?
A. You may obtain mailing labels or an excel spreadsheet from the national office if you’d like to mail a notice. The national office can also send an email broadcast, free of charge. Contact to coordinate a broadcast.

Q. When is the next Agri-Marketing Conference?
A. The 2018 Agri-Marketing Conference will take place April 11-13 at the Sheraton Kansas City Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City, MO.

Q. When is the next Fall Conference?
A. The 2017 Fall Conference will take place September 19-21 at the Hilton Milwaukee City Center Hotel in Milwaukee, WI.

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