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Badger NAMA Finds out How NASCO Markets to Multiple Industries, March 2017
Attendees heard how NASCO has been the leading supplier of farm, education, arts & crafts, healthcare training and lab sampling supplies for 75 years.
Contact:  Andrea Slattery, 

Chicago NAMA Learns about the Bee Barometer Project, July 2017
Cantigny Golf Club’s beekeeper and golf course superintendent shared how golf courses can offer large areas of valuable greenspace that are ideal for supporting diverse ecosystems.
Contact:  Sarah Muirhead, 

MoKan NAMA Learns about Jowler Creek Vineyard and Winery, May 2017
Attendees learned how two former ag marketers built their successful vineyard and winery from the ground up.
Contact:  Mindy Oberly, 

Badger NAMA Learns the Science of Science Communication, Feb. 2017
Dr. Dietram Scheufele spoke on his most recent research and how it examines the role of social media and other emerging modes of communication in democratic decision making.
Contact:  Andrea Slattery,

MoKan NAMA Learns About the Kansas State Research & Extension Center, November 2016
Dr. Cary Rivard, of the Center, shared an overview of the facility and its research in the areas of turfgrass, landscape, fruits, vegetables and forestry.
Contact:  Erin Nash, 

Chesapeake NAMA Hears Insights on the Upcoming Election and State of the Industry Commentary, October 2016
Mike Seyfert, Dir. of Government Affairs, FMC Agricultural Solutions, shared insights just prior to the November 2016 presidential election.
Contact:  Debbie Clayton, 

Cornhusker NAMA Hears About GMO Consumer Opinions and GMO Education, November 2017
Jana McGuire, senior account manager with Look East, shared consumer research related to GMOs, organics and other food growing trends. University of Nebraska (UNL) professor Donald Lee followed with a discussion about genetic modification in crops and how humans have provided the selection force to change the plants we grow for a purpose.
Contact:  Doug Carr, 

North Central NAMA Presentation by the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, September 2016
Dave Frederickson, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, shared his presentation with members for a lunch and learn in the Warehouse District!
Contact:  Ashley Larson,  

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