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The following are brief descriptions of the typical chapter positions. A more detailed position description with duties and responsibilities is provided by clicking on the "Responsibilities" listed after each description below.

Vice President/President Elect

Depending on a chapter’s bylaws, this position will vary in scope and responsibilities. This is the person that would step in for the chapter president in the event that the president would be unable to complete their leader year. Some chapters have more than one vice president (i.e., first vice president/president elect, second vice president, etc.). In this event, responsibilities can be created and delegated to meet the specific needs of the chapter. Responsibilities.


The primary function of this position is to record minutes at chapter and board meetings and maintain a permanent file of all reports. Responsibilities.


The primary function for this elected officer is the financial well-being and operations of the chapter. This individual is responsible for the handling of all money transactions. This officer should keep the financial books and records for the year as well as comply with all tax laws. Responsibilities.

Ag Day/Special Events

NAMA has endorsed the Ag Council of America’s program, celebrating National Ag Day/Week. This chair has overall responsibility for the chapter’s Ag Day activities and/or other special events. It is logical that some of the other chapter chairs should help you make arrangements for these events (i.e., professional development, publicity, communications, etc.). ( Responsibilities.


The chapter awards chair is responsible for the promotion, judging and awards presentation for the following awards: Agribusiness Leader of the Year; NAMA Marketer of the Year; and Professional Development Awards of Excellence. These awards may be presented at the local level, with the chapter winners nominated by the chapter for the national competition. Responsibilities.

Best of NAMA - Chapter or Regional Ceremony

The Best of NAMA chair is responsible for the management of the chapter’s Best of NAMA Awards Program. The first step is to determine if your chapter will conduct a chapter awards ceremony, or participate in a regional ceremony. If a regional banquet will be held, the Best of NAMA chair may serve on the regional committee, helping plan and execute the event. If the chapter decides on a chapter ceremony, the Best of NAMA chair will plan and coordinate the event. The event must be completed before January 31 each year as the regional first place and merit winners will be notified by the NAMA office by February 1st. Responsibilities.


The careers chair should assist the student chapter officers and faculty advisors while encouraging them to achieve excellent business practices in their chapter projects and activities. Should a chapter have more than one student NAMA chapter, it is recommended that a careers committee member be assigned to each school. Responsibilities.


The communications chair is the official publisher of the key communications vehicles. This chair is responsible for internal communications within the chapter and organization as a whole. Communications efforts include working with the NAMA office to inform members on a timely, ongoing basis of the news and activities of the chapter. Responsibilities.


The key function of the membership committee chair is to keep the chapter vibrant and strong by promoting continuous chapter membership. This is done through the recruitment and prospecting of new members, as well as the retention and renewal of existing members. Responsibilities.


The publicity chair is responsible for all external publicity, promotions, public relations and communications for the chapter. This position may be combined with the communications function. Responsibilities.

Professional Development/Programs

The function of the professional development chair is to develop and implement programs and topics to be covered throughout the year. Responsibilities.

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