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Recruitment & Retention Tools

As a chapter membership chair or president, you play a vital role in defining the future of NAMA. That's why we've created some tools to help energize recruitment efforts. Tools you will find are:

Information and Resources

  • NAMA Toolkit - Member recruitment events:

    Find ideas, tips and resources to make member recruitment events easier and more effective.

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  • NAMA Logos:

    Click to download a .zip file of current NAMA logos for your chapter's use.

    Download ZIP
  • NAMA Brand:

    Access the PowerPoint that outlines NAMA's re-branding.

    Download PPTX
  • NAMA PowerPoint Presentation:

    Download a membership presentation about NAMA.

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  • NAMA Membership Video 2019:

    Check out NAMA's newest membership video, courtesy of Scenic Road Productions.

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  • NAMA Membership Video 2016:

    Check out NAMA's 2016 membership video, courtesy of Scenic Road Productions.

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  • Faces of NAMA:

    Listen to and post these quick engaging videos from NAMA members sharing their best NAMA experiences.

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  • NAMA Membership Video 2014:

    Check out NAMA's membership video, courtesy of GROWMARK, Inc.

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NAMA Flyers

  • NAMA Membership Flyer:

    Download and print this tri-fold flyer/mailer that’s a quick read on NAMA membership benefits (or request copies from NAMA).

    Download PDF
  • Build a Case for NAMA Membership:

    Use this helpful resource to begin a positive conversation about membership with those who hold the purse strings to answer the most common “Yes, but …” comments and questions.

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  • 10 Reasons to Join NAMA:

    Use this for both recruiting and retaining members.

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  • Flyer Directed to Companies:

    Written specifically for companies to answer the top 10 reasons to join NAMA.

    Download PDF
  • Flyer Directed to Agencies:

    Written specifically for agencies to answer the top 10 reasons to join NAMA.

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  • NAMA Blank Flyer:

    Use this template to customize your membership recruitment efforts.

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Graduating Student/Young Professional Resources

  • Graduating Student Flyer:

    Use this flyer to recruit graduating Student NAMA Members. (Hard copy available through the national office).

    Download PDF
  • Student video:

    Watch this video of Student NAMA members explaining why they’re involved in NAMA.

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  • Student and graduating student engagement strategies:

    Pursue these 10 ideas for engaging students and graduating students.

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  • Young Professional Flyer:

    Use this flyer to recruit potential members under 25 years of age for 1/2 price membership.

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  • Young Professional - Badger Chapter:

    Use this PowerPoint created by Badger NAMA for the 2018 Leader Workshop for ideas on engaging younger members.

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  • Prospective Member Worksheet:

    Use this tool to help you identify potential new recruits.

    Download XLSX
  • Chapter Highlights Template:

    Personalize this template to include your individual chapter's information as well as national highlights. A Publisher tutorial can also be downloaded to guide you.

    Download PUB
  • NAMA/Chapter Compare and Contrast Template:

    Utilize this template for comparing and contrasting opportunities that NAMA provides at the chapter and at the national levels.

    Download XLSX

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